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January 24, 2024

4 Reasons to go to the Abrolhos Islands by Louise Goldsbury

January 24, 2024

After 100 cruises as a travel writer, I didn’t expect a stargazing cruise on a crayfishing boat in remote WA to become one of my all-time favourite trips.


1. My favourite cruise in Australia

Eco Abrolhos has more opportunities to swim (safely) than in the Kimberley, better snorkelling than the Great Barrier Reef, an astonishing shipwreck history, incredible fishing, amazing food, cute wildlife and stunning weather. Everything exceeded my expectations.

eco abrolhos louise goldsbury 1

The anchor of the 1629 Batavia shipwreck and a hull-shaped hole in the reef where it ran aground 400 years ago



2. Get away from it all in paradise.

The Abrolhos Islands are truly in the middle of nowhere: 60km from the nearest city (Geraldton). There are more sea lions than humans. Only a handful of people live in the fishing communities, and we only saw a few other tourists on a day trip by helicopter. The untouched beauty of the rugged landscape, deserted beaches and turquoise water is spectacular.

eco abrolhos HighlightBox Abrolhos

The crystal clear waters of the Abrolhos Islands


3. Best stargazing in the world

The distance from the mainland means there is no light or all pollution, so the night sky is as dark as it gets. I was blown away by the brilliance of the Milky Way and the clarity of the constellations, Jupiter and Saturn. Donna Vanzetti, from Astrotourism WA, says the Abrolhos is probably the best place in the world for stargazing.

eco abrolhos stargazing tours

Get “starstruck” on a Stargazing Tour on board the Eco Abrolhos

4. Freshest possible seafood

We caught dozens of crayfish, which were creatively turned into different dishes for every lunch and dinner. I was not expecting world-class cuisine but the chef trained at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in London, which was a special treat.

eco abrolos trailer box reasonwhy food

We love the famous “Abrolhos Diet”


About the author:

Louise Goldsbury is an award-winning  travel writer who spends most of her year on luxury cruises, exploring and reviewing resorts, spas and wine regions in Australia on her travels.

Follow Louise: @louisegoldsbury

Read Louise’s article – “Pearls of the sky: Western Australia’s top stargazing” published in the Australian Traveller on 12th January 2024

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