Abrolhos Island Tours

The Abrolhos Islands are some of Australia’s most spectacular and historic islands. They abound with natural wonders, spectacular marine and bird life. The islands are also home to the historic Batavia wreck and what is generally acknowledged as being the earliest European structure in Australia.

Located approximately 70 kilometres from the coastal town of Geraldton they can be reached via boat or scenic flight. The Abrolhos Islands consist of some 122 islands that are clustered into three main groups; the Wallabi, Pelsaert and Easter Groups.

They lie in the southward flowing Leeuwin current which provides the perfect environment for tropical and temperate climate marine life. The islands have spectacular coral outcrops with whales, dolphins and all manner of marine life. Bottle nose dolphins and the Australian sea lion frolic in the waters alongside migrating humpback whales and huge Samson fish.

The birdlife is amazing with over 90 specific and rare species identified It is home to millions of migrating seabirds and contains the world’s largest populations of some type of bird. It is often cited as the world’s most important sea bird breeding colony.

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