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March 16, 2017
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July 18, 2017
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Record Bookings at Caravan & Camping Shows

Eco abrolohos cruises at the camping shows

Sonia and Jay have been very busy over the past months touring various caravan and camping shows around the country. Pictured above is are the stalls at the Sydney and Perth Carvan & Camping Shows.

The Sydney show had over 60,000 people in attendance and Sonia & Jay made a record number of bookings for our 2017/2018 Abrolhos Island cruises.

So if you’re interested in coming along on an Abrolhos adventure please secure your bookings soon as we’re filling up fast. A lot of our guests have expressed an interest in staying in and around Geraldton before and after the Abrolhos tours which is fantastic news for other local accommodation and tourism providers.