Group Sunset at Turtle Bay
Trip Report – March 7th 2019 Abrolhos Islands 5 Day Tour
March 14, 2019
Exploring in the Eco Abrolhos Tenders
Trip Report – 21st March 2019 Abrolhos Islands 5 Day Tour
March 28, 2019
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Trip Report – 14th March 2019 Abrolhos Islands 5 Day Tour

Abrolhos Islands Jetty

From The Bridge Deck of Eco Abrolhos

Day 1 Thursday – 14.3.19
First order of the day, depart early with a beautiful sunrise over the Moresby Ranges and the coast on our stern. We started off with getting our passengers their land lubber legs back with a stroll on Coronation Island to feed big Slimy, this time he was starving and was trying to take Al’s finger. We then headed over to the island of hospitality, Basille, where we had some short black coffees with a dash of Peter, the friendly local fisherman. P.S. get well soon Nino! We took the opportunity to swim with the Samson fish off the end of the jetty before headed back to the Eco for a round of darts at sunset.

Day 2 Friday – 15.3.19
After landing a couple of Pink Snapper the night before, I did promise the passengers that they will be going off in the morning and as the saying goes early bird gets the snapper. They all laughed at me and said good luck seeing us before 7am. Well they must of heard the commotion from the crew when we were pulling in lunch because the deck ended up shoulder to shoulder before 7. After that we cruised over to Pelsaert where we saw three juvenile sea lions playing in the shallows, two being females and one male sitting back with the instinct to protect the others, it was first for the crew to see as well. Next was a transit over to Wooded Island for a snorkel in the Squid Hole, always spectacular with those surrounding colours. While we were heading to Little Sandy for some sundowners to watch an amazing sunset, Alan was pulling the pots and managed to get some crays for dinner. From ocean to plate in an hour, can’t beat it.

Day 3 Saturday – 16.3.19
After losing two pots from separate occasions (found later in the day), Al came through with the goods, bagging out with 24 crays in 4 pots, didn’t need the other 2. The sun was shining so water activities was next, while some playful sea lions came in and gave us one of our best ever Sea Lion interactions, Al was on the King Diver putting the passengers onto some Bald Chin Grouper. From there we were invited into Murray’s new pearl hatchery on Big Rat for Latitude Pearls. Now our passengers can see the microscopic organism before it creates one of the most stunning pearls in the world. We finished the day off with some bubbles on the top deck and some lines in the water on the bottom deck with another beautiful orange back drop from another Indian Ocean sunset.

Day 4 Sunday – 17.3.19
Another great sunrise fish off the back deck, while we were pulling in big Pink Snapper, Al was out in the King Diver bagging out with another 24 crays. The passengers are struggling to eat 24 a day, not a bad struggle though. Today’s agenda was Beacon Island with some ghost stories and Webbie Hayes Fort. While we were retracing the early Europeans footsteps, Big Al was out to redeem himself after a couple of average days fishing on the King Diver, he came he saw he conquered and all the passengers managed to land a beauty. We wrapped up our last afternoon with a beautiful sunset ashore in Turtle Bay. The nights activity was the “Infamous and Controversial Eco Abrolhos Quiz”. We ended up with a tie breaker between The Feelers and The Far East Dutch Indies Company and 2nd place was only one point behind the winners. We went to a final question which The Far East Dutch Indies Company took out! What a night, down to the wire.

Day 5 Monday – 18.3.19
With a slow start to the morning, we only had one taker for the pot pull even when they came up big and thick, another 24. The winds were near non-existent so we ferried the passengers into Turtle Bay at their own leisure for a snorkel and a walk. The seas looked great for the trip home as we said goodbye to Steven, Helen, Anne and Laurie who got the scenic flight home. Another trip done and dusted. The biggest fish this trip went to yours truly and followed close behind by Laurie. Both stonking Pink Snapper.

From the Bridge Deck
Bronson Cox